Sustainability Efforts


Boulder is a very environmentally-conscious city, which the Boulder ENOFF respects and celebrates. This is why we will do our best to make this festival a Zero Waste event.

The most important goal is to point out to each attendee that with some planning, an event can be held by using all reusable, compostable, and recyclable materials. We are planning to have water refill station and invite guests to bring their own water bottle. Our Caterer, Three Leaf is also committed to using compostable serving items. We will have bins and bags for recycling, compost and trash.

The BoulderENOFF is also responsive to minimizing the BCF’s carbon footprint by encouraging festival-goers to carpool, take the bus, or ride their bikes to the event. 

In addition, in the lobby of the Dairy Art Center during the opening night we will host Locals Non-profit such as Ocean first. Google Earth will also offer an interactive Google Earth Wall and Sustainability presentation.